Fall, Or Dodge in Hell

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3 stars (1 review)

Fall; or, Dodge in Hell is a 2019 speculative fiction novel by American author Neal Stephenson. The book explores mind-uploading to the Cloud, from the perspective of Richard "Dodge" Forthrast, a character introduced in Stephenson's 2011 Reamde.

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Some nice bits, but too long

3 stars

I'd put off reading Termination Shock and this based on falling out of love with Stephenson's books. However I really liked TS, and the Kindle free sample was about 150 pages so enough to get me hooked.

I would concur with the other reviews that said "this book is far too long, and the end isn't really worth it". I mean, it's Stephenson, his endings are frequently unsatisfyingly short. This reminds me of the Dreaming Void sequence by Peter F Hamilton. This book contains a separate book inside it which unfortunately feels like a terribly slow fantasy story, although at least with some good jokes. Removing at least half of it would improve everything else.

However I really enjoyed the first half. It has some interesting/amusing ideas of what some bits of society would be like a few decades down the road. I could entirely believe an alt-right religion based …