Hardcover, 432 pages

Estonian language

Published Nov. 20, 2019 by Eesti Raamat.


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4 stars (10 reviews)

Arthur C. Clarke’i ja Hugo auhinna laureaat.

Maalt saadetakse kosmosesse raadiosignaale maavälise eluga kontakti saamiseks. Üks signaal jõuab väljasuremisohus tsivilisatsioonini, kes alustab ettevalmistusi Maa koloniseerimiseks. Samal ajal tekib Maal kaks koolkonda: need, kes usuvad, et maaväline elu muudab maapealse paremaks, ning need, kes arvavad, et peatselt saabuvad võõrad tähendavad inimkonna hukku.

Osa teose tegevusest leiab aset kultuurirevolutsiooni aegses Hiinas ja teine osa olevikus. Raamatu kaks peategelast on Ye Wenjie ‒ insener, kes töötab salajases sõjaväebaasis 1970ndatel, ja Wang Miao ‒ nanotehnoloog, kes töötab tänapäeva Hiinas. Kui Wang Miao lugu kulgeb olevikus ja kronoloogiliselt, siis Ye Wenjie lugu tuleb lugejani kildude kaupa.

Hiinas ja mujal maailmas tunnustatud kirjanik Liu Cixin seob osavalt kokku Hiina ajaloo ja ulme, põimides teaduse, sotsioloogia ja ajaloo omavahel ühtseks tervikuks. Tegemist on hariva ja huvitava teadusulmeteosega, mis paneb mõtlema tõsistel ja aktuaalsetel teemadel. Cixin on mitmekordne Kehuan Shijie Yinhe (Hiina Galaktika) auhinna võitja, raamatu „Kolme keha …

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Review of 'Three-Body Problem' on 'Goodreads'

3 stars

Content warning Discusses elements of the plot

The Three-Body Problem

4 stars

Imaginative and thoughtful "hard" science fiction. Fingers crossed that Netflix will do a good job with the series. The setting in China was interesting. Some parts were excellent, while others were a little tiresome (e.g., some of the military/police conversations), but I enjoyed it quite a bit overall. The chapter with Newton, Von Neumann and the human-formation computer was a fascinating and humorous highlight for me.

Science Fiction

5 stars

Spannend aufgebaut mit verschiedenen Handlungssträngen, die sich irgendwann zusammenfügen. Technische / physikalische Grundprinzipien auch für mich als Laien verständlich dargestellt. Und die Frage nach dem "First Contact" mit all ihren Implikationen wurde toll beackert. Zusätzlich erfährt von noch etwas über die jüngere chinesische Geschichte.

Good, but watch out - sets up trilogy

5 stars

The first few chapters had me darting to and from Wikipedia to help add some context to a story that is deeply set in the Chinese Cultural Revolution. It',s a triviality to call the story complex, a mystery than unfolds through the book. Be warned this is the first in a trilogy and a very much sets itself up this way, which was a little frustrating in the last few chapters.

Review of 'The Three-Body Problem' on 'Goodreads'

4 stars

I'm not thoroughly familiar with science fiction as a genre, but I'd imagine this is pretty quintessential hard science fiction. That means that quite a lot of text throughout the novel is devoted to explaining the scientific realities behind the events of the narrative. For example, entire chapters are devoted more or less to detailing the physical minutiae of how messages might be transmitted between Earth and alien civilizations.

In the case of this novel, hard science fiction also means substantially less attention is given to the development of characters and the drama between them. Indeed, I found the book somewhat reminiscent of my experience with Isaac Asimov, where all the important characters are STEM academics and the only interesting thing they could imagine talking about is science in one form or another. So don't expect a very compelling drama from this novel or particularly deep or complex characters. With …

Review of 'El problema de los tres cuerpos' on 'Goodreads'

3 stars

Empecé con muchas ganas este ganador del Premio Hugo de 2015. Ciencia ficción "hard", de una cultura un tanto exótica para mí como la china, y con aplauso unánime de la crítica, prometía mucho. Y no es que sea una mala lectura ni mucho menos, pero me ha acabado decepcionando bastante.

Se dice que el autor está muy influido por Asimov, Clarke y similares, y la verdad es que sí: la trama contiene muchos elementos que podían haber sido originales en los años 60, pero que desde luego hoy en día no lo son, al menos en Occidente. El personaje principal es bastante plano; los secundarios, que tenían mimbres para ser interesantes, acaban resultando estereotípicos; el hecho de que la novela acabe en un "continuará" (es el primer libro de una trilogía) no ayuda tampoco a la redondez de la trama.

En otros aspectos donde se ven influencias de otros …

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5 stars