, #3

eBook, 675 pages

English language

Published by Gnomish Press LLC.

5 stars (1 review)

The monarch wants him dead. A dragon’s torching the realm. Is his heroic gig about to be a critical catastrophe?

Gorm Ingerson knows the king is a fink. With the land’s insidious ruler hell-bent on his destruction, the axe-wielding Dwarf berserker is desperate to beat him to the punch. But when he discovers the rotten regent’s claim of a town razed by the world’s richest dragon is false, the gruff adventurer fears there’s more than a personal grudge at stake.

Struggling to convince his old comrades that they need to help him solve the mystery, the dwarven idealist stumbles into a sinister smuggling ring. And with strange creatures, cunning assassins, and vindictive bankers all plotting his demise, Gorm worries this time the price of doing the right thing will be fatally high.

Can he make a saving throw against death with a high-stakes roll at disadvantage?

Dragonfired is the thrilling …

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